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Missing teeth are unsightly and interfere with proper chewing. This can cause embarassment and avoiding foods you like. It doesn't have to be this way! A great way to replace missing teeth is a "bridge."

A bridge looks, feels, and chews like natural teeth. Bridges are permanently attached to the teeth adjacent to the space. You don't put them in and out like dentures. It's like having your natural teeth back.

Beware the domino effect. Losing one tooth is like losing two because the tooth which used to bite against the missing one is useless. All remaining teeth have to work harder because there are fewer of them. Also, remaining teeth will shift noticeably out of their proper position making them more prone to wear, decay, and gum disease. This leads to more tooth loss! It's a vicious cycle which robs you of your smile and the enjoyment of the foods you love. This is why all missing teeth should be replaced!