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Don't you just love that smooth, slippery feeling of professionally clean teeth! Toothpaste companies have been trying to duplicate it for years, but only your hygienist can get your teeth their cleanest.

Regular professional cleaning keeps your smile bright and your gums healthy. Believe it or not, scientific evidence shows that gum disease can make you more susceptible to heart disease and other serious conditions! The best way to avoid serious gum disease and tooth decay is to see your hygienist and dentist AT LEAST twice a year.

Many patients benefit from visits every three or four months, depending on their current state of oral and overall health. The idea of check-ups every six months began in the 1950's and was based on cavity prevention. Gum disease is so variable that each patient must be thoroughly evaluated to determine how often he or she should see the dentist and hygienist.

Here's a great tip: use a power toothbrush! No amount of manual brushing can match the cleaning action of a power toothbrush. There are many good ones out there and we carry the Oral-B Triumph at a specially discounted price. Be healthier and make the switch to a power toothbrush.