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You have probably heard about Zoom because they do a lot of advertising and it appeared on the Extreme Makeover television show. What you haven't heard is some significant problems with this technique.

EXTREME SENSITIVITY! Some patients cannot complete the treatment because it becomes too uncomfortable. Also, sensitivity to hot and cold can linger for days, weeks, or even longer!

RAPID LOSS OF WHITENING! Within days of treatment many patients notice their teeth don't look as white as they did in the dental office. We call this the rebound effect and it leads to disappointment with the final result.

LONG TIME IN THE CHAIR! The treatment requires you sit in the dental chair with your mouth propped open for over an hour.

COST! The cost can run as high as $1000.00!

DRIED OUT TEETH! Zoom uses an intense light which produces a lot of heat. The combination of the hot light and the bleaching gel dries up the natural moisture in your teeth. This drying is the cause of the sensitivity. The teeth seem whiter because they dry out and when they rehydrate later they appear less white (rebound effect.)

Zoom does whiten teeth but with too many complications. This is why I don't recommend it or use it in my practice here at South Main Dental. I whitened my own teeth with the custom tray technique and I highly recommend it to my patients. For more about custom tray whitening click on "Teeth Whitening" under "Our services."