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Evidence is building for a connection between gum disease and heart disease, along with other systemic diseases. Chances are that right now you have some level of gum disease somewhere in your mouth. Did I scare you? Sorry, I just wanted to get your attention.

Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss?

Are your gums shrinking, exposing more visible tooth than before?

Do you have bad breath or a bad taste that won't go away?

These are the most common signs of a gum disease problem. However, even serious gum disease can exhibit none of these signs. And gum disease rarely hurts at all, so you may be completely unaware of its presence.

The good news is that most people can solve their gum disease problem with regular professional cleaning and better brushing and flossing. Sometimes more is needed. My hygienist, Dee, and I can recommend what is best for you.

One more thing. Most tooth loss in adults is caused by gum disease, not cavities. Given the risks to your smile, your heart, and your health in general, now is the time to come in for a thorough evaluation.